Super7 Power Rangers Ultimates Wave 4 Is White Tiger Strong

As fans all still feel the hard loss of Power Rangers star Jason David Frank, the tributes keep coming in. Now, for Super7‘s Power Rangers Ultimates wave 4, it’s all about his White Ranger. Not just Tommy Oliver in his armor, but the White Tigerzord in warrior mode as well. And completing the three-figure wave, the equally pale villain Madame Woe makes her action figure debut.

White Ranger Tommy comes loaded with extras. Two unmasked heads, with ponytail and without. Two versions of the Saba sword — TV and toy color schemes — and an interchangeable laser-eyes head for it, the sword of light, multiple hands, and seven power orbs. The White Tigerzord includes a micro-Tommy figure for scale comparison, energy blast, sword, switch-out hands, and tiger coin. Madame Woe comes with a soft-goods dress and interchangeable hair braids, along with alternate claws.

Both the White Ranger and Madame Woe run the usual $55 tab apiece, with the Tigerzord at $65. Super7’s preorders remain live for 30 more days as of this writing. Take a look at the digital renders in images below to get some idea how the final figures will look.

Will you preorder any of these? Let us know in comments below.

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