Super7 G.I. Joe Ultimates Wave 6 Redecoes the Women

Looking to get as much bang for the buck from G.I. Joe as they have with ThunderCats, Super7‘s Ultimates wave six features repaints of the primary female characters released thus far. It’s canonical — the G.I. Joe Ultimates line is based on comics and cartoons, and while the initial releases focused on the Sunbow-produced animation designs, the new wave shows them in the brighter colors of the DIC-produced cartoons. It’s a three-figure wave with some new accessories to sweeten the deal. Scarlett, Lady Jaye, and Baroness, when bought as a wave directly from Super7, come with an exclusive bonus weapons pack. If these are your first G.I. Joe Ultimates, you may want that, as it includes Scarlett’s signature crossbow.

Sneaky Snake

Baroness, in blue, comes with the best extra — a PVC figure of Cobra Commander in snake form, never before sold. She also includes the Dragonfire medallion and mask, which clearly inspired AEW’s House of Black years later. Interchangeable heads include serious and smirking, with switch-out fists and gun-holding hands.

Scarlett may not come with the crossbow individually, but she does have a credit card! Special hands allow her to hold that, while others include fists, gun hands, and karate chops. Armed with a rifle, pistol, and knife, she includes three different heads, one with a headset on.

Lady Jaye also has three heads with a headset on one of them. Her accessories include two explosive-tipped javelins, canteen, rifle, and knife, along with eight interchangeable hands. (Note that the original version has more accessories, and is available at half-price as of this writing over at our partner site Entertainment Earth. Original Scarlett is still a full-price preorder, but does come with the crossbow.)

Undecided? Take a gander at the official images below because then, at least, you’ll know. And knowing, of course, is…50 percent?