Jason David Frank’s Dino Thunder Black Ranger Gets a Toy

Though we recently sadly lost Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank, a newly announced action figure pays tribute with a likeness of his more recent look on Dino Thunder. Now a doctor of paleontology, Dr. Oliver becomes the Black Ranger after a lab accident turns his partner into the evil reptilian villain Mesogog. Tommy locates the Dino Gems, and when three of his students use them to become rangers, Tommy becomes one as well to help mentor them, as the original and greatest ranger of all.

In the latest batch of 30th anniversary Power Rangers toy announcements, following the remastered Mighty Morphin team, Black Ranger Tommy and Mesogog from Dino Thunder get to battle it out in toy form. Both include lightning effects and alternate hands, with Tommy also wielding his weapon and an extra helmeted head.

Sometimes toy form makes the costumes look even cooler.

Additional announced figures include the Dino Fury Blue Ranger Ollie Akana, and the Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger Kendrix Morgan. The previously released Tenga Warrior figure also gets an army builder pack, with two figures differing slightly in deco. All of these figures run $24.99, save the Tengas, who are $47.99 for two.

Preorder any of them online at your favorite retailer. Take a look at a few more images below, then tell us what you think in comments!

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