Hasbro’s New Remastered Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Figures

What do you do in a Power Rangers toy line when you’ve already made most of the major teams already? The answer, for Hasbro, seems to be do them again, but better. Starting with two of the classic original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Lightning Collection spawns a new “Remastered” deluxe line. These figures now come with pinless joints, improved facial likenesses, weapons in collapsed and expanded forms, and a circular lightning effect to simulate the Morphin effect.

First up we’ll see original Blue Ranger Billy, now with removable glasses! Then Trini as the first Yellow Ranger. Presumably the others will follow. The extra accessories come at a price, of course, so expect to pay $33.99 minimum for these. Hasbro Pulse features both up for preorder as of this writing. Both figures should ship around May 1, which seems a much shorter window than we’ve gotten used to. Maybe Hasbro’s supply chain is finally straightening out?

While Super7 included both Trini and Aisha heads with their Yellow Ranger figure, it looks like Hasbro will keep them as separate figures. Considering most collectors would likely buy two for display anyway, why not? If fans prove willing to buy into these version 2.0 remastered Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, we’ll certainly see the rest — and maybe other popular Ranger teams too.

Take a look at a few more images below. Then let us know what you think in comments!

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