Iron Studios Reveals First Avatar: The Way of Water Statue – Neytiri

A lot of merchandise companies missed the boat on the first Avatar, as it was an unproven property. They won’t make the same mistake twice. Now that Avatar: The Way of Water is in theaters and doing solid business, they’re rolling out the tie-ins. Among the companies? Iron Studios, known for 1/10 scale statues from many popular franchises. They’re kicking off an Avatar line of The Way of Water statues with Neytiri, most fans’ favorite Na’vi.

Now, unlike some other companies, which cheat a bit (coughMcFarlaneToyscough), Iron Studios will hold to 1/10 scale, based on the Na’vi being nine feet tall. So the statue comes out to around 16 inches top to bottom, with around ten of those being Neytiri. As the official copy has it, “Above a wave on top of rocks, colorful corals, and submarine creatures, with agility and elegance, the brave and relentless Na’vi warrior jumps above the waters of Pandora, pulling the string of her longbow, ready to shoot an arrow as big as a spear to the human invaders. With her long braided black hair and her slender body with striped, blue skin covered by simple clothes and tribal ornaments of her clan, she stares at her target with her big yellow eyes.”

Neytiri runs around $300, with a $60 deposit required upfront. Iron Studios does not yet confirm a delivery date.

Take a look through the gallery below for more images. Then let us know what you think in comments!

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