New Classic Willow Action Figures Available at ShopDisney

At D23 Expo, Super7 revealed their first Willow Reaction figure. A 3-3/4 inch scaled Willow Ufgood with baby Elora Danan, the figure would be a Disney parks exclusive. More recently, however, Super7 quietly filled out the rest of the line of Willow action figures on They don’t sell Willow himself, who would appear to remain a park exclusive. But the other major characters have Kenner-style figures too: Queen Bavmorda, General Kael, Sorsha, and of course Madmartigan.

Aside from Bavmorda, who mostly uses magic, all figures come with the appropriate weapons. It’s not clear whether or not Super7 has proper likeness rights, but for the style, the resemblances count as close enough. Compared to the PVC figurines that the movie got at the time it came out, they’re far closer to the actors.

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It remains to be seen whether Disney and Lucasfilm will do more with the toy license. Considering Hasbro does this style of figure for their other Lucas properties, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, it suggests they may have passed on this one. Or Super7 could just be taking advantage of a niche for exclusives. The new Disney+ Willow series should present plenty of possibilities for new figures, creatures, and the like.

Each Reaction figure runs $19.99, and you can see them all in the gallery below. Will you buy any? Let us know in comments.

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