Marvel Legends Ghost Rider Figure Gets Retro-Carded

He may feel like his skull’s on fire, but he’s fine. Hasbro recently became quite fond of releasing figures on old Toy Biz-styled cards, and now it’s Ghost Rider‘s turn. Though this figure doesn’t glow in the dark like every figure in that line used to. This Ghost Rider figure appears to use body parts from prior figures like the AIM trooper, but comes with alternate gloved and skeletal hands, flaming Johnny Blaze head, and the fiery chain that’s his signature weapon.

This Ghost Rider also comes with flame effects to wrap around his wrists. Given that that’s way more than the usual two accessories, he’ll probably come at a premium price. For now, though, all we know is preorders begin sometime next month.

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At Comic-Con, Hasbro’s Marvel team strongly hinted that the next HasLab will have ties to Ghost Rider somehow. So getting Johnny Blaze out ahead of the big-ticket item seems smart. Fans currently speculate that the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider with his flaming car seems the likeliest contender. Other Ghost Riders generally ride cycles that can sell at affordable retail prices.

Check out more images of the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider figure below. Will you buy him? Let us know in comments.

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