‘Final’ Stretch Goals for HasLab G.I. Joe Cobra HISS Tank Revealed

With HasLab’s G.I. Joe Cobra HISS tank on track to hit its last goal of 16,000 backers by the end of this weekend, and more than 30 days left to go after that, the likelihood of even more bonus add-ons feels strong. But of all the tiers they announced, the final ones are revealed and almost claimed.

The 14,000 backer tier, recently unlocked, added on a HISS gunner — basically a female version of the HISS driver. Along with her came two extra guns for the turret, and another set to clip on under the cockpit. The 16,000 tier, likely to unlock shortly, is the biggie, with an all-new Cobra Commander based on his very first action figure. And yes, that means specifically the initial straight-arm version, and its more simplified Cobra logo, before Hasbro really finalized the design. With its circular, stylized eye bumps it’s been called the “Mickey Mouse” Cobra Commander by collectors. While the HISS Gunner, Driver, and Tactician will come in standard G.I. Joe Classified boxes, Cobra Commander gets a retro-style cardback.

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Any informed speculator will tell you that Hasbro will most likely reissue a version of this figure later with a “corrected” logo. He’s too significant a character to keep an all-new sculpt this exclusive. Backers simply score a variant version first.

Now that it (soon) includes four figures, the HISS looks like an even better value. G.I. Joe Classified figures run $25 apiece after the latest price hike, so that’s $100 right there, making the HISS itself effectively $200. For an 18-inch long toy with LEDs, that’s not outside the norm.

And if the Galactus campaign signified anything, it’s that Hasbro sometimes throws in another extra when a HasLab goes this well. Let’s see if more happens. meanwhile, check out the add-on images in the gallery below. Then tell us what you think in comments.

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