HasLab G.I. Joe HISS Tank Reveals First Stretch Goal Add-ons

As has often been the case since Hasbro launched G.I. Joe Classified, demand turned out bigger than anticipated. Not only did the HasLab Cobra HISS tank easily make its “early bird” special of 8,000 backers in the first weekend, but now at 12,000 and rising it’s unlocked two more add-on tiers. The mystery two left to go in the remaining 44 days seem like shoo-ins.

First, Hasbro revealed the bonus HISS Tactician figure. Once the project ends, fans will vote on one of six color schemes which include two red-on-black designs, as well as blue, black, purple, and gray.

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The first tier stretch goal unlocked consisted of two side missile launchers, each bearing six rockets. The second, retro-style track tread side covers and canopy. So should buyers prefer a more classic-looking HISS with the all-clear canopy, they may have it. Though this also seems like an army building tactic, to encourage the purchase of more than one. There’s a strong likelihood future add-ons may do likewise — the previous HasLab Skystriker included three variant sticker sets.

Take a look through the images below to see all the details. If they make you want one, go to HasLab at Hasbro Pulse to preorder. Do you like the extras so far? Let us know in comments.

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