Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Vehicles Bring Back Action Fleet Style

For all the Star Wars toy collectors who lovingly remember Galoob’s Micro Machines Action Fleet line, Jazwares‘ Micro Galaxy Squadron looks made to please. Like that popular series of vehicles, it recreates iconic starships across the Star Wars universe, as scaled to small 1-inch figures, and each other. Plus it includes some vehicles that never saw Action Fleet form before, like the Razor Crest. Yahoo debuted the line yesterday.

It’s not just the cockpits that open. Larger vehicles like the Razor Crest and Millennium Falcon have rear areas that open for display as well. They may not all connect exactly as their real-life counterparts seem to, but they keep scale consistent. (Well, mostly — do those AT-STs actually hold two drivers in the cockpit? Hard to tell.)

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This Jazwares line also focuses on being affordable, when larger scaled vehicles no longer can be. Mimicking the price points of Kenner toys 30 years ago, current fans can finally get a Falcon with figures to put inside for $44.99. Others go as low as $5.99 for a super-small vehicle like the Speeder Bike. Initial preorders already sold out, but the Falcon will come exclusively to Target, and the regular edition Razor Crest to Amazon. (The latter will also come in Arvala-7 variant, with Jawa damage.)

Take a look at some of the initial offerings in the gallery below. Then let us know what you think in comments.

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