First In-Scale G.I. Joe Transformer Is a Megatron HISS Tank

G.I. Joe and Transformers crossed over many times in comics, and several Joe vehicles have gotten Transformers-style color schemes as exclusives. But never before has there been an in-scale Transformer to fit 3-3/4 classic figures. That ends today, with a G.I. Joe Transformer HISS tank. It comes with a vintage-style O-ring Baroness figure…and transforms into Megatron!

Meanwhile, the G.I. Joe Real American Hero characters and storyline turn 40 this year, and they still look in great shape. Spinning off of Hasbro‘s original military figure from 1963, the characters were originally designed in 3-3/4 inch scale to compete with Kenner’s Star Wars. These days, they come in 6 inches to compete with most current popular lines, and Hasbro revealed eight additions to the line this morning in a livestream. Sure to get most of the attention is key villain Dr. Mindbender, in his full fetish-style gear with a faux-leather soft cape. But he’s not alone.

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Backing the evil torturer up on the bad-guy side, Zartan’s sister Zarana brings the ’80s rock fashion. Building the ranks of the enemy soldiers, the Crimson Guard and Python Patrol officer come fully armed. On the Joe side, the excellent mustaches of Recondo and Bazooka debut in their Tiger Force gear. Desert fighter Dusty and ninja Kamakura bolster the Joe team side. All will go up for preorder at later dates.

Meanwhile, previous reveals Stalker, Tomax, Xamot, and the online exclusive Viper three-pack go up for sale today at 1pm eastern, along with the Megatron HISS tank. All the usual sites including Entertainment Earth will stock them. (Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate network, and may earn fees for purchases made through site links.)

Prefer classic scale? Super7’s newest ReAction wave also got revealed, including Snake Eyes, Roadblock, Baroness, Cobra Commander, Flint, and Firefly.

What do you make of these big reveals? Let us know in comments!

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