New Doctor Strange Movie Figures Reveal America Chavez and Rintrah

Well, it seems a few surprises from Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness aren’t considered overly spoilery by Hasbro or Disney. The first Marvel Legends wave of figures just went up for preorder at every major online retailer. (Entertainment Earth, with whom we have an affiliate partnership, has a case of eight, featuring an extra Doctor Strange, for $183.99. Superhero Hype earns fees from purchases made through site links.) And with them comes our first official look at America Chavez and Rintrah, two new-to-the-MCU characters. As well as Mordo’s new look, and at long last a Wong figure.

Rintrah, the build-a-figure, is an extra-dimensional space minotaur. Usually depicted naked in comics, he dresses for the movie, apparently. An ally and former disciple of Strange, he once let the good doctor occupy his body in order to battle a demon. 1917‘s Adam Hugill is rumored, but not officially confirmed, to play him in the film.

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America Chavez, a.k.a. Miss America, will be played by Xochitl Gomez. A superhuman being with the power of flight, Chavez originally hails from the timeless Utopian Parallel in the comics. After running away from home, she traversed the multiverse acting as a secret superhero. Eventually she became more overt and joined various teams such as Teen Brigade, A-Force, and the Ultimates. The character is openly gay, but it remains to be seen how open the MCU will be about that.

As is common with Marvel Legends, the wave also includes comic-based figures. In this case, the previously revealed D’Spayre joins in, along with Sleepwalker. A partly translucent Astral Strange, new Master Mordo, and highly colorful Wong round out the movie characters, along with a standard Doctor Strange who does not include Rintrah parts. Get a good look at all the figures in the gallery below.

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