Super7 Transformers Ultimates Wave 3 Can Dare to Be Stupid

In case the headline wasn’t enough of a clue, yes, Wreck-Gar of the Junkions might just mark the highlight of the latest cartoon robot wave from Super7. The Eric Idle-voiced breakout character from The Transformers: The Movie gets an all-new, animated-style, non-transforming super-poseable likeness for Transformers Ultimates wave 3. And the pop-culture-obsessed, radio-commercial and Weird Al-loving ‘bot isn’t the only slightly silly cyber-being to join in this time.

Behold Alligaticon! This is what happens when Decepticons recycle Optimus Prime’s pieces, Florida-style. And attach his remaining arm to a skyscraper. Traumatize ’80s kids all over again with the severed Optimus head and Battle Taxi accessories.

Preorders for Alligaticon and the other Transformers Ultimates wave 3 are up at Super7 for a limited time. Click the character names in this post for Entertainment Earth preorders to pay later and save on shipping. Note that Superhero Hype is an Entertainment Earth affiliate, and may earn fees from purchases.

Megatron gets a G2 makeover. While still in animated style, this design takes its cues from the toy version that could no longer use gun mode. Colored instead like a neon tank, he includes comic-inspired weapons.

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Next, straight out of the comics comes Tarn, enforcer of the Decepticon Justice Division. This intimidating mass-killer features interchangeable head and hands, along with his ion cannon and minibot companion Nickel. The latter even gets his own jetpack.

And then, of course, the aforementioned Wreck-Gar, who includes toy and movie inspired heads, and all the usual accessories. Plus handheld TV, wax bottle, and soft waxing cloth. Ba Weep Granna Weep Ninny Bong!

Will these cartoon-style Autobots and Decepticons wage battle in your home? Let us know in comments below!

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