Alligator Loki — and President Loki! — Get Figure Form From Hot Toys

Considering what an instant hit Alligator Loki — dubbed “Croki” by some — became immediately after appearing on Disney PlusLoki, it’s a wonder we haven’t seen more merchandise. Aside from Funko Pops, which react swiftly to new characters, no other toy line has given Loki fans the reptile they need. Until now. Hot Toys just revealed his reptilian glory, complete with moving jaw, as a new sidekick figure. His four-legged fierceness will accompany President Loki, whose ego must be bruised by playing second fiddle to a glorious ‘gator.

From the official description: “Exquisitely crafted based on the screen appearance of Tom Hiddleston as President Loki in the series, the figure features a newly developed head sculpt and his horned helmet with delicate craftsmanship, election campaign pin on the suit applied with weathering effects perfectly translating the details; a pair of daggers, greatly detailed accessories such as Alligator Loki in one-sixth scale, a cane, a specially designed character backdrop with lenticular effect, and a themed figure stand.”

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Look, you could do worse for president. This one will only put you out $285, and you get his alligator Loki bud as a bonus. And since he arrives March 2023, there’s no need to wait until the next chief executive election year. Loki n’ Croki take your money, and deliver on their promise.

Will your glorious purpose cause you to order these two? Let us know in comments.

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