Diamond Select’s Modern Loki Figure Includes Bonus Kid Loki

Rumors and leaks have flow on toy sites lately, but now the mischief is managed. Loki, Thor’s trickster brother, returns in plastic form for a new comic-based figure. And the timing couldn’t be better, with all the hype gearing up for the Asgardian nuisance’s new Disney+ TV series. Rather than replicating Tom Hiddleston’s precise MCU look, however, this Diamond Select figure takes inspiration from the comics. And in addition to adapting his modern outfit, the figure includes Kid Loki. The younger incarnation replaced his more adult self for some time in the comics. But why replace when you can have both?

Loki’s modern look does seem to take a cue or two from the MCU. And this figure will actually become fashion-flexible. Remove his coat and swap out the arms for a more stripped-down look. He also can wield a sword, a scepter, and a dagger with sheath. Kid Loki, on the other hand, mostly stands around, having zero points of articulation. His adult counterpart gets 16.

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The Lokis sell exclusively at Disney Stores, including online. The price tag? $29.99. Take a look at more angles in our image gallery below.

Will both Lokis bring mischief to your home? Let us know in comments below.

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