Toy Review: Spin Master League of Legends 6-Inch and 4-Inch

In toy collecting circles, Spin Master gets most associated with their 4-inch Batman figures aimed at kids. But with the League of Legends license, they’re looking at more. The Champion Collection, complete with foil “first edition” stickers where appropriate can be enjoyed by kids, but clearly aims to bring older collectors into the fold as well. And perhaps even casual buyers who don’t know the game, but think the Spin Master League of Legends figures look cool enough to stand alongside others in similar sizes.

On that score, they have one unabashed success so far. Thresh, a demonic character mostly clad in black with green translucent parts, “an ambitious and restless spirit of the Shadow Isles imprisoning victims in his unholy lantern to torture for all eternity.” Said lantern includes a long bone chord that attaches to a scythe. Aside from being 6-inch rather than seven, he’d look at home next to Spawn and similar hell creatures.

That said, he will scale perfectly with Marvel Legends and others in that size. Heroes, beware.

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Thresh is so, so good that he makes the others in the line seem less so by comparison. But one big win sure beats none.

For instance, this is his fellow 6-incher, Zed. Aptly named, because his mask looks like that of Power Ranger villain Lord Zedd, he’s “the leader of the Order of the Shadow, with the power to destroy anything he sees as a threat to his homeland of Ionia.”

Zed’s coolest features are sparkles mixed in to his armor to catch the light, as well as tarnished deco on his boots. Other than that his design looks way more basic than Thresh’s.

Both feature 19 points of articulation, per press release. By our count, that’s: restricted ball neck, ball upper torso, shoulders, hips. Thresh has disc/pin ball elbows, while Zed’s are double-hinge.  Both have double-hinge knees, thigh cuts, disc/pin ball ankles and wrists, and cut waist. Zed’s armor restricts many of these, but Thresh’s robes bend easily for multiple stances.

Zed also includes hinged balls on his back to pop on his bladed throwing stars for storage.

Zed could just be a less-good design anyway. But engineering-wise he still leaves room for improvement. the armor lines make the ball-torso joint hard to move, the collar restricts his head a lot, and without ball elbows, he should get upper bicep cuts instead.

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But hey, anyone in regular armor will pale next to this guy:

The four-inch collection brings us Darius and Yasuo, with 12 points of articulation each.

No ankles, wrist, or cut waist joints on these guys. But they do sport disc/pin ball elbows and knees. Shoulders and hips are ball, and they retain the upper thigh cuts. Each comes with one weapon, though without wrist articulation, it seems impossible to do a two-handed grip. Yasuo, however, can sheath his sword. And that color scheme feels very Dragon Ball.

At a suggested retail price of $9.99 each, these are pretty great deals. The paint work is clean, and they come with stands. The 6-inchers boast more standard scale-prices of $19.99. Arcane‘s Vi and Jinx, who were not provided for review, come in the 4-inch scale, though Vi only comes in a five-pack. All the figures sell exclusively at Target.

Thresh wins the day, of course. But in his scale, Yasuo kind of seems like a champ too. These toys aren’t yet the stuff of legends, but Spin Master just took a step closer.

Check out the full gallery below. Then tell us what you think in comments.

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