Hot Toys Makes the Ultimate What If…? Villain, Infinity Ultron

The What If…? animated series began as a series of unconnected alternate realities, but by the end, events came together. Finally seeing all of reality threatened, the Watcher had to intervene, forming a Guardians of the Multiverse team. The reason? Infinity Ultron, a version of the ultimate evil computer intelligence that managed to use Vision’s body and the Infinity stones. Clad in mechanical armor that embedded the powerful cosmic gems, the villain seemed unstoppable in any reality. And determined to drive each one into total extinction.

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Clearly, Hot Toys had to make such an epic villain. And they did it in metal, too! From the official description: “the diecast figure (standing 39cm [15.4 inches] in height) features a newly developed helmeted head sculpt with LED light-up function on eyes and Mind Stone; highly-detailed helmet with LED light-up function and magnetic flip-up design; multiple layers of titanium grey and matted gold paint application on the armor embedded with LED-light up Infinity Stones; most noticeable for its signature double-headed spear; and figure stand.”

An all-new body made of metal costs more than the Hot Toys norm, with a tag of $425. Expect delivery around this time next year.

For more images, check out the gallery below. Are you all-in on Infinity Ultron? Let us know in comments.

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