HasLab Announces Crowd-Funded Transformers Victory Saber Figure

HasLab is at it again with a large crowdfunding project, but this time, it’s a bit more reasonable. Transformers fans frequently pay $100 or more for masterpiece or Titan Class figures, so $179.99 sounds…not-impossible? The Transformers design team have long considered Star Saber a dream project, and now the Japanese character, previously only available as an import or Masterpiece since 1989, will make a big splash in the U.S. main line. The complete Victory Saber combo includes Brain of Courage, Victory Leo, Autobot Star Saber, and the V-Star jet.

From the Japanese series Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory, Victory Saber is the supreme commander of the Autobots, and the universe’s greatest swordsman, er, swords-bot. The figure stands 8.5 inches tall.

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Per the official description: “The Brain of Courage Brainmaster figure fits inside the chest of the Autobot Saber figure, causing the larger figure’s face to appear. The Autobot Saber figure then converts into Victory Jet mode. Combine Victory Jet mode with the V-Star jet, convert to robot mode, and reveal Autobot Star Saber! Plus, the Victory Leo figure converts between robot and lion modes.” Of course there will be stretch goals. At 14,000 backers, the figure adds his big cannon and blast effects. Two more goals can unlock at even higher levels.

Take a look through the gallery below for even more images. Then let us know if you plan to back the project, in comments below.

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