Official Jurassic Park Transformers Pit Autobot Against Tyrannocon

Life, ah, ah, finds a way. And that applies to Cybertronian life too, apparently. In the latest cross-property Transformers mash-up, both the Jurassic Park Ford Explorer and the T-rex become more than meets the eye. Tyrannocon Rex and JP93 will prove that robot battles also find a way. And these Jurassic Park Transformers give new meaning to the concept of chaos theory.

According to Hasbro, “Both figures feature a combined 260 unique decos and details inspired by fan-favorite moments from Jurassic Park. The TYRANNOCON REX figure converts into T.rex mode in 27 steps and features detailed molded dino texture. The figure features an all-new head mold and stands at 7 inches. Fans will also enjoy a nostalgic interpretation of one of the iconic vehicles from the film, as the AUTOBOT JP93 figure converts into licensed Ford Explorer mode in 18 steps. The figure stands at 5.5 inches and comes with a blaster accessory that can attach to the figure in both modes. Dr. Alan Grant and the Game Warden inspired both the JP93 hat in bot mode and the JP93 blaster accessory.”

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This new set debuts on Amazon. Preorders are live now, with a hefty price tag of $104.99. (If that seems steep, wait till it hits the secondary market.) Previous Transformers cross-properties included Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, and Top Gun.

Will these Jurassic Park Transformers roll out to your home? Let us know in comments.

Preorder now! Transformers Generations Collaborative: Jurassic Park Mash-Up, Tyrannocon Rex & Autobot JP93

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