Bumblebee Is the Second Official Transformers LEGO Set

LEGO‘s Optimus Prime set was a rare trailblazer — an officially licensed Transformers toy that actually transformed. For the longest time, “non-transforming” was the one limitation Hasbro and Takara put on any other company that made Autobot or Decepticon product. Even Hasbro’s own Kre-O block sets, may they rest in piece, required rebuilding the robot into a vehicle from scratch. LEGO’s Optimus, however, required no disassembly. Once fully built, he could convert from truck to robot and back like the classic toys, simply by moving hinged parts around.

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Engineering such a feat in LEGO had to be tricky — the build needs to be sturdy enough that umpteen tiny pieces don’t fall off every time you fold up the arms. Perhaps that’s why it’s taken a while for LEGO to make another one. Yet here he is, Transformer #2, and much to few people’s surprise, it’s Bumblebee. He includes articulated joints, jetpack, an ion blaster, and the same seamless transformation that requires no piece separation.

Consisting of 950 pieces, Bumblebee will run you around $90. As usual, LEGO Insiders can buy him early online and at LEGO stores starting July 1st; for everyone else, he arrives July 4th. Nothing says patriotism like a Autobot – just ask Michael Bay.

This Bumblebee is mostly based on his classic Generation 1 cartoon look, though his vehicle mode looks legally different enough to not 100% be a VW bug. If it is licensed from Volkswagen, the official press release ain’t saying. Consistently considered the second-most popular Autobot, Bumblebee’s vehicle form has changed over the years based on automobile companies’ changing attitudes towards licensing. He’s been a Camaro in most of the Bay movies, but originally and most classically a Volkswagen.

Take a look at all the official images from LEGO in the gallery down below.