Mattel Jurassic Park Comic-Con Exclusive: Samuel L. Jackson vs. Raptor

Hold onto your butts, again. Seems hard to believe now, but back when the original Jurassic Park came out, Samuel L. Jackson didn’t even crack the top tier of billed cast. And the worst word he said was “butts.” In the years since, he arguably became a bigger star than anybody else, and his onscreen death retroactively got more memorable. Now, for virtual Comic-Con, Mattel has created a 3-3/4 inch scale figure set creating the final moments of Jackson’s character Ray Arnold. One in which a dinosaur has had it with this m’f’ing human.

The two-figure set sees Ray running from a velociraptor inside the control station. Lights and sounds enhance the scene, while the packaging creates a diorama background for Ray’s final stand. Additionally, the mini-Jackson figure features an arm that can rip off. In the very first Jurassic Park figure line, Dennis Nedry included that special feature, before the film had quite decided on his fate.

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Nowadays, Jackson doesn’t play victim. It’s hard to imagine he would go down even to a carnivorous reptile. Perhaps that’s why Mattel wouldn’t dare release this set nationwide. Only fans who understand this was a rare anomaly get to own it.

All of Mattel’s Comic-Con exclusives for 2021 will be for sale on Mattel Creations, the company’s collaboration and direct-to-consumer platform, on Thursday, July 22 at 9am PST / 12pm EST. So may the gods have mercy on their servers that day. Stay tuned for more reveals later this week.

Get a look at a few more images in the gallery below. Are you ready to strike down upon Ray Arnold with dino-fury? Let us know in comments.

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