New LEGO Mandalorian Sets Spotlight Boba Fett, Moff Gideon, More

Rumors of Cara Dune being cancelled from all Star Wars merchandise may have been a tad premature. While actress Gina Carano won’t continue with The Mandalorian, her LEGO minifig features as part of a big new set. Then again, that may be because LEGO doesn’t use actor likenesses, so no royalties or approvals are necessary. Dune comes with Moff Gideon’s Light Cruiser, one of three new sets just revealed at LEGOCON (via io9). Though the exterior of the ship cheats scale in order to remain affordable, the inside reenacts the final scene of season 2. With the notable omission of a certain digitally recreated Jedi, who presumably remained secret from the toymakers. But Fennec Shand and a Darktrooper are here.

The Light Cruiser also sports multiple projectile launchers, and removable micro-TIE fighters. Also rendered at a slightly smaller scale is “Boba Fett’s Starship” (Disney’s presumably uncomfortable with the word “Slave” in any context). Built to carry one minifig in the cockpit, it also has a cargo hold for carbonite blocks. And for whatever reason, the carbonite victim in this set is a Gamorrean. Boba lacks his newfound skirt, but Din Djarin gets the Beskar spear. And a small ladder-carrying speeder doubles as a stand for the ship in its flight position.

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Finally, we get a Marauder, a lighter variation on the classic Imperial Troop Transporter, with Greef Carga and a mortar Stormtrooper. Expect all three sets in August, and check out the gallery below for more.

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