Super7 Reveals SilverHawks Ultimates Figures Series 1

They’ve done Masters of the Universe and ThunderCats, but Super7 seemingly will not rest until they’ve revived every major ’80s toy line for collectors. Following up on an announcement earlier in the year, the San Francisco company has finally revealed their first SilverHawks figures. The 7-inch scale “Ultimates” will be compatible in size with Masters of the Universe Classics and similar lines, and include one oversized figure.

While arch-villain Mon*Star originally sold as a toy the same size as all the others, his cartoon incarnation was significantly larger. Super7’s Brian Flynn previously discussed making hard decisions regarding how much fans would pay for a correctly sized one. In the end, he opted for 11 inches at $85. The other three figures — Buzz-Saw, Quicksilver, and Steelheart — go for the now-standard $55 price point. Many fans expected Masters of the Universe body parts reuse, but these appear to be entirely original sculpts.

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The primary appeal of classic SilverHawks figures was their chrome-metallic deco and pop-open wings. Neither feature proved quite possible for this scale and level of articulation. But the paint will be shiny, and arms pop off to interchange with fixed-elbow wing arms. They won’t come out the same as Gen-X kids remember, but may perhaps improve in other areas.

The SilverHawks figures begin preorders tomorrow, June 10, for delivery next year. Check out all of series 1 in our gallery below. Will these fly into your collection? Let us know in comments.

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