Power Rangers Reaction and Ultimates Figures Are Coming From Super7

Super7 is rapidly morphing into a company with pieces of all the toy licenses. After a week of big announcements from Transformers to ThunderCats and Star Trek, they’re going to “Go, go!” even further. Power Rangers are coming, in both 3-3/4 inch Reaction style and 7-inch made-to-order Ultimates. And even beyond that, an 11-inch Super Cyborg Megazord arriving this spring. Three waves of Power Rangers Reaction figures will follow in 2021, followed by the Ultimates.

Thus far, Super7’s Power Ranger rights seem to include the Mighty Morphin versions only. But that still leaves a pretty deep roster, though it also leaves us wondering if the Zeo evolutions of the same characters count. The first wave of Reaction figures will include Red Ranger, Green Ranger, Rita Repulsa, Pudgy Pig, Putty Patrol, and Megazord. The first wave of Ultimates, a rare five-figure wave rather than the usual four, will offer the Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Goldar, Tyrannosaurus DinoZord, and Putty Patroller. Maybe they can finally do Bulk and Skull?

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“When learning about Japanese toy history, you go back to the classics, and every generation had their Super Sentai series. For American audiences, that started in 1993 with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” said Super7 founder Brian Flynn. A scholar of Japanese giant robot and kaiju shows and movies, Flynn can bring a deep base of knowledge of the original source material to bear on the new line. Though the rights likely only extend to what was seen in the U.S. edits.

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