Epic-Sized Godzilla vs Kong Statue Lights up the Big Battle

If there’s one thing that defines Godzilla and King Kong, it’s…big. As Roland Emmerich’s movie quipped, Size Does Matter. And Prime 1 Studio now delivers a Godzilla vs Kong statue that ought to dwarf anything else fans have on display. Standing around two and a half feet tall and four and a half feet wide, this massive diorama piece displays the Hong Kong battle. And a lot more.

Kong comes with three interchangeable heads, varying from “aggrieved” to “furious,” and two alternate left hands, with and without his Hollow Earth battle axe. Kong and Godzilla can display separately, but a bridge piece connects their bases. And both the cityscape and Godzilla’s fins and face light up with LEDs. Other details include swappable USS Argo and Antenna on top of the Bridging Cityscape Building.

Amid all the flames, try to spot one of Walter Simmons’ extremely expensive and powerful H.E.A.V.s (Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle). And add a title plaque to the front of the display, on the off-chance anybody asks “What’s that?”

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Needless to say, an item this epic does not come cheap. And anyone who has to ask, well, probably can’t afford it. Prime 1 Studio offers a payment plan, but the final tab still runs $5,699.00. For smaller budgets, Godzilla and Kong also sell separately, minus the extras and connecting cityscape piece, for $1,949.00 and $1,8990.00, respectively.

Take a look at more details in our gallery below. Will you shell out the kaiju-sized price tag for the bragging rights to this big display? Let us know in comments.

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