Mattel Creates High-End Shogun Warrior Skeletor Mash-up Toy

Most children of the ’80s owned at least one Masters of the Universe figure. But only a lucky few owned a giant Shogun Warrior. The two-foot tall robots (and later, Godzilla and Rodan) fired weapons like their fists, and towered over other toys. Discontinued in 1980 over safety concerns, the Warriors remain fondly remembered, leading to a revived Japanese line in 2010. More recently, companies like Super7 paid tribute to the style with other licensed characters.

Now Mattel has jumped in. Via their limited-edition boutique site Mattel Creations, this 19-inch Shogun Warrior Skeletor figure launches his fist and other spring-loaded missiles. Senior Masters of the Universe brand manager Ruben Martinez credits his love of toys to the Shogun Warriors. As such, he became the perfect person to design this collaboration. Per the official press release, “Mattel Creations is bringing back the iconic Shogun Warriors silhouette, as a new modern classic canvas for collaboration.” In other words, we could see other mash-ups besides Skeletor.

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Once again, however, it’s the lucky kids who’ll be able to afford Shogun Warriors, as the price tag for this designer toy is $300. Buyers-to-be need to hit up Mattel Creations this Friday, the 23rd, to purchase. For those on lower budgets, a $30 T-shirt will also arrive. Take a look at the gallery below for more views of the figure.

Will the Shogun Skeletor become yours? Tell us in comments below.

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