Disney’s Gargoyles Action Figures Are Coming From NECA

Disney’s Gargoyles Action Figures Are Coming From NECA

This was a surprise. NECA isn’t a company normally known for doing toys based on Disney cartoons. However, there is some precedent, as the company has made licensed Kenner figure tributes before. And in the late ’90s, when Kenner were cranking out Alien and Predator figures, they also made Gargoyles toys.

An unusually dark and gothic TV cartoon for Disney, Gargoyles centered on an ancient winged species who turned to stone by day, and came to life as winged creatures by night. Transported to New York City by the villainous Xanatos, they broke an ancient curse and revived after a thousand years frozen. With the exception of leader Goliath, they all took names inspired by their new home, like Brooklyn and Lexington. In later episodes, other clans from different countries and cities would appear.

NECA just revealed a first look at their Goliath figure. And while the cartoon used a stylized, Bruce Timm-like design (though Timm himself disliked the cartoon), NECA’s clearly going for more realistic detail. It never hurts to have muscular bodies that can be reused on future figures, either.

NECA also released a smaller, second image showcasing one of his accessories. And another head sculpt.

Keith David voiced Goliath right around the same time he also played Spawn on the HBO animated series. For dark and brooding Manhattan heroes, nobody did it better.

With those wings, Goliath looks like he’ll be larger and pricier than the typical NECA figure. Here’s hoping we get the whole clan. And perhaps even revive talk of a potential live-action film.

Excited to see what else NECA does with Gargoyles? Let us know in comments!

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