NECA Finally Obtains Toy Rights to 1982’s The Thing

In toy circles, it’s been one of those licenses considered a “grail” among fans. John Carpenter’s 1982 re-adaptation of the sci-fi novella “Who Goes There?” has seen collectibles before. McFarlane Toys made two of The Thing monsters years ago. But the human characters have proven elusive, since actor likeness rights were never signed for merchandise originally. Numerous companies over the years have proposed figures of Kurt Rusell‘s R.J. MacReady, only to never release them. That looks to end with today’s big NECA announcement. In honor of Kurt Russell’s 70th birthday, he’s getting new representation in plastic.

The fact that it’s an “Ultimate” is even better news. NECA rarely makes a fully sculpted figure for a license just to make a one-off any more. If they think the movie’s too “niche,” they usually go for an 8-inch figure with cloth costume and generic body. Consider the odds of additional figures quite high. And while actor likenesses require negotiating with talent, shape-shifting alien parasite likenesses don’t.

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NECA offered a further look at the Kurt Russell head sculpts:

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