Hasbro’s Mandalorian Razor Crest Vehicle Adds Two Bonus Goals

With just over a week to go in the crowdfunding campaign for The Mandalorian‘s flagship vehicle, Hasbro looks to sweeten the deal even more. The company just announced two new stretch goals, one of which seems likelier than the other. The first, when/if the project reaches 15,000 backers, is a custom clear display stand so collectors can display the Razor Crest in flight in a taking-off position. (As of this writing, nearly 14,500 backers committed.)

The second, in the event 17,000 total buyers come aboard, is a special in-scale Vintage Collection Offworld Jawa Elder figure. While a version of the figure will come to mass retail eventually, this one features a different cardback and exclusive accessories. Mainly, a sliced-open Mudhorn egg along with the Kukri knife for the slicing. If the magic number of backers doesn’t appear, odds are even that this will find its way to exclusive market somewhere else.

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Previous add-ons included an escape pod, new Baby Yoda, and several carbonite blocks. The Razor Crest is one of the rare Star Wars vehicles to be completely in scale with the figures. And it’s larger than the actual production model used for wide shots.

Get a better look at the new add-ons in our gallery below. Will they entice you to back the project, if you haven’t already? Let us know in the comments.

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