Hasbro Updates Proton Pack and Rancor HasLabs With Stretch Goals

After some slow starts on previous projects, Hasbro seems to crank out the high-end HasLab items far more frequently. Following the announcement of three such projects recently, they’re ready to announce the first stretch goals on two of them. (The third — a G.I. Joe Skystriker — already revealed all its goals upfront.) Up first, the Ghostbusters proton pack, which actually met its 7,000 backer goal already.

In the case of the proton pack, the first stretch goal includes a part that ought to have been there from the getgo. Yes, it’s a hose to connect the pack to a neutrona wand (sold separately). So when the project makes it to 9,000 backers, as it should easily, nobody needs to worry about customizing that. The hose comes in a “classic bundle’ which also includes a sticker sheet specific to the first film. Expect a few of the other stretch goals to include different stickers, so fans can pick one, or mix and match.

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As of this writing, the Star Wars Rancor only looks half-funded. But if it gets to 11,000, Hasbro will include a Black Series Gamorrean Guard. The figure saw release previously, but never became the easiest to obtain. This version, however, comes with an exclusive collector coin on a special Power of the Force cardback. Sorry, no detachable head feature on this one. Unless they’re holding that back for a later goal. The Rancor’s mouth design will allow it to fit the green porcine’s head in its mouth, though.

Take a look through the gallery below for some new official images. Then let us know in comments if you’re backing either.

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