Toy Review: Masters of the Universe Mega Construx Panthor at Point Dread

Following Castle Grayskull, Point Dread became the second buildable playset in the Masters of the Universe Mega Construx line. Throughout the history of MOTU, it’s always been an unusual one. Previous versions include a base fortress piece that can contain one or two figures at most, a Talon Fighter vehicle to perch on top, and a detachable upper half, with the perch, that can attach to the Castle Grayskull rampart. (Leaving the lower half of the playset semi-useless.) The Mega Construx version improves in one area — due to the smaller scale and light bricks, the entire thing can attach to Grayskull. The perch does not rotate as it did on previous incarnations. But the set comes with multiple minifigs, including villains to attack the base.

Said villains arrive in the form of Battle Armor Skeletor and Panthor. And again, thanks to the small size and lightness of Mega Construx, builders can create some dynamic poses.

Yes, Panthor comes with a green Battle Cat helmet, which is totally not canonical. Panthor usually keeps a bare head, or a helmet with ram’s horns. But does it look good? Sure. With poseable legs, neck, head, tail, and fore-ankles, the purple cat allows for plenty of play value.

There’s some debate in canon as to whether Zodac-with-a-c is a hero or villain. The original figure was marketed as evil, then the cartoon made him good, and several tie-in books implied he was neutral. The 2002 cartoon reconceived him and evolved his look substantially as a black man with glowing tattoos. Then the Classics toy line implied that Zodac and Zodak were in fact different characters. In this set, he seems intended as a good guy and the pilot of the Talon Fighter. Sorceress can’t really sit so easily, though her wings do flex a bit.

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Like LEGO sets, the Mega Construx pieces come in numbered bags, with the exception of bags meant for the minifigs or certain unique accessory pieces like control panels. This simplifies build time by a lot. Although the Talon Fighter is a bigger vehicle than the Wind Raider, its interior space is also much larger, so it’s a simpler build. Especially since the large canopy is one big, custom piece…like all prior versions, sans windshield, which makes no logical sense except from a cheapness perspective. The cockpit technically fits two, but the guy in front needs to lean waaaaay back in order for the canopy to close. Twin missile launchers have a decent firing strength to them.

Aside from the large canopy, the fighter gets a great deal of its detail from clever use of smaller bricks. The feather texture on the wings, the bird head, and the claw feet are all made from basic pieces well arranged. As for the Point Dread base, its brick-built structure is designed to look brick-built, and it does. And unlike larger prior versions of this toy, it has a side staircase that figures can actually stand on if one is very, very careful in placing them.

The interior features one of those vintage haunted house movie rotating shelves, for want of a better term. On one side, it’s a weapons rack.

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Spin it around to reveal a control panel…with a little easter egg MOTU logo on the side.

The final component of the set is the Weapons Rack (or is it “Rak”?) based on the one from vintage castle Grayskull. In the Classics line, it came sold separately, and now it’s in another playset altogether. Since most MOTU Mega Construx sets come with extra weapons it’s not as big a deal, but they can armor up even more.

But speaking of that — our review sample set came with DOUBLES of all the minifigs and special pieces. It’s impossible to know if every set is like that, or we just got an odd batch, but if anybody wants to army build with these characters, the chance might arrive.

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Oh, and Zoar gets a perch. For anyone wondering why the Sorceress and her alternate form come all in white, it’s a color variation from the vintage mini-comic “Temple of Darkness.” From the Classics line onward, that has become a canonical variant.

The full set retails for around $50, which feels competitive to LEGO and others. Considering the minifigs go for $5, that’s $35 for a vehicle, base, and beast in addition. Even better if the set you buy comes with doubles, as our review sample provided by Mattel did.

Take a look at more images in our gallery below. Will you feel the power of Point Dread? Let us know in comments.

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