HasLab Giant Marvel Legends Sentinel Figure Unlocks New Extra Head and Hand

HasLab Giant Sentinel Figure Unlocks New Extra Head and Hands

Hasbro‘s latest crowdfunding figure project clearly hit the sweet spot in terms of fan demand and price tag. Following its announcement on Friday, the gigantic Marvel Legends Sentinel found itself fully funded late that night. Yesterday, 1,000 more backers unlocked the first bonus add-on, a Master Mold bonus head. Then today, another 1,000 got it to the next tier, which means only one left. Now, that second tier reveal is a doozy: another alternate head, this time, with battle damage. And not just that, but an extra hand to match.

Both extra tiers so far have had new heads, to encourage collectors to buy more than one figure. Considering that, it seems safe to assume the third, final tier might repeat the pattern. Days of Future Past movie-based head, perhaps? Hasbro did just recently get the go-ahead at last to revisit the Fox X-Men franchise.

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The preorder period for the Sentinel remains open until Aug. 24th at Hasbro Pulse. No doubt some will wait to see what the final bonus is before deciding how many to buy. And as many Superhero Hype fans have noted in our comments, the success of the Sentinel makes a huge Galactus all the more likely in the future.

Check out our updated gallery below. Then tell us in comments what you think the final bonus item might be.

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