Giant Hasbro Sentinel Figure Hits Crowdfund Goal, Shows Alternate Head

That was fast. In just one day, the $350 HasLab X-Men Sentinel figure got the 6,000 backers it needed. So now comes the time for add-ons. Three extras remain as possible bonuses for the next increments of 1,000 more backers. And Hasbro just revealed the first, for when the project hits 7,000. It’s an alternate head in the style of Master Mold.


The strategy here is smart. By allowing the figure to have alternate heads, Hasbro encourages deep-pocketed collectors to buy multiple figures. They’ve already positioned it as a potential army builder. And if the next two tier bonuses also turn out to be heads, completists may decide they need at least four. As the Sentinels have been redesigned numerous times, the company has options. A movie-styled head might prove welcome, for example.

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Master Mold features in many X-Men adventures, beginning in the original ’60s run and continuing through most of the animated incarnations and several games. An original creation of Bolivar Trask, the giant super-computer was built to more quickly facilitate the construction of Sentinels. And he has all their powers.

While other HasLab projects occasionally struggled to reach a finish line, the instant success of the Sentinel suggests two things. One, that army builders inspire multiple purchases. And two, that toy collectors may be more used to a $300+ price point than a $500+ one.

Are you on board for more Sentinels? Let us know in comments.

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