Man-at-Arms Gears up for Mondo’s Masters of the Universe Line

The adopted father of Teela and the mentor of Prince Adam, royal Man-at-Arms Duncan appears in almost every incarnation of Masters of the Universe. And yet, curiously given that he’s billed as the heroic master of weapons, most of his figures don’t come with many accessories. Mondo’s high-end 1/6 scale version changes all of that. This Man-at-Arms does not lack for arms. If Eternia has anything like the Second Amendment, he could serve as the poster boy. Along with his signature mace, he packs a pistol, sword, shield, rifle, ball-and-chain, and…Orko in a jar. Okay, so that last one only comes with the Mondo exclusive version, and contains dubious battle value. But it’s fun.

In addition to Orko, the exclusive version, priced at $5 over the regular $190 tag, includes a snake head. That originates with the 2002 animated series, in which Duncan briefly became an evil snake man. Had the cartoon continued, rumor had him becoming a principal villain, arming the Snake Men with his devices. One item curiously absent is a mustache-less head like the original action figure. Ever since the Filmation cartoon decided to give Duncan’s upper lip some facial hair, that look has stuck. Clean shaven Man-at-Arms, like the Green Goddess, mostly appears just in the original minicomics continuity now.

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Yes, he’s the priciest of Mondo’s Masters of the Universe thus far, but all the extra gear makes him worthwhile. Plus a battle-damaged paint job full of realistic dings and scrapes gives the guy a real combat veteran appearance.

Take a look at the gallery below to see what the battle veteran is packing. Then tell us in comments if he’ll guard your shelf.

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