Diamond Reveals First 2020 ‘Comic-Con Exclusives’ and How to Get Them

Even though San Diego Comic-Con will not happen this year as a physical event, toy companies already planned out their show exclusives. It’s just been a question of when and how they might release them. Diamond Select and Previews prepared 16 items, and yesterday rolled out a look at the first two. The company leads with two big guns, or rather one big gun and one “Not a gun”: Godzilla and the Iron Giant. The two destructive-yet-peace-loving behemoths sport all-new variant designs, and more importantly, got announce along with instructions how to get them.

Like many items from Previews, these toys must be requested at local comic shops with special codes, through June 22nd. JUN198967 for Godzilla, and DEC198801 for the Giant.

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Godzilla cuts a fiery figure with a PVC statue based on 1995’s Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. Featuring a burning color scheme, he emerges from a base of translucent lava. Diamond based this version of the Iron Giant on the scene where he self-camouflages as a part of a billboard. This repaint of the regular Diamond Select action figure sports a night-time color scheme, moving jaw, and light-up eyes. The eyes can be activated with a try-me feature while still in packaging. Godzilla sets fans back $70, while the Giant runs $40. Each is limited to a run of 3,000.

Procuring Diamond exclusives usually seems easier than some others; they tend to make enough for crowds onhand rather than relying on long lines and lotteries. With 14 more yet to unveil, it’ll be interesting to see how well these do. Or how companies with even more in-demand items manage online requests.

Check out the gallery below for a few more looks. Will you place an order for either of these two? Let us know in comments.

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