Diamond Select Has an Iron Giant Action Figure Coming

For a movie that totally bombed upon release, The Iron Giant has attained amazing staying power. Ultimately beloved by most who do see it, the Cold War-set anti-conflict parable seemed a tough sell for Warner Bros. at the time. Yet it launched the careers of director Brad Bird, and a voice actor with the weirdly role-appropriate name of Vin Diesel. In some ways, the Giant was a proto-Groot.

We got a handful of toys at the time, and Mondo Toys launched its own boutique toy division with a high-end Iron Giant collectible. But it’s been a long time since anything more affordable was available. Now Diamond Select is finally remedying that. Their 9-inch Select figure of the Iron Giant lands in specialty stores this April. And unlike most other Diamond Select figures, it even includes an action feature: light-up eyes. Of course he includes a mini-Hogarth figurine, and a removable “Superman” S-shield. He does not, however, transform into “gun” mode — that will probably be a whole different figure if this sells well.

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Retailing for $29.99, the pacifist machine of war sports around 16 points of articulation. He also contains the power to make grown men weep uncontrollably. Just look into those big ol’ metal puppy-dog eyes. Know that he will sacrifice himself for humanity, even when they want to kill him. And collectors need only sacrifice thirty bucks. Seems like a deal.

Are you glad to have an affordable Iron Giant at last? Let us know in comments below.