Star Wars Rebels’ Zeb Orrelios Black Series Figure Kicks Off Revamped Packaging

For Star Wars 6-inch figure collectors, the crew of the Ghost will be complete at last. Zeb Orrelios, the last and biggest of Star Wars Rebels‘ ragtag bunch, arrives this fall. The hefty warrior, loosely based on Ralph Mcquarrie’s early Chewbacca design, packs enough bulk to make him an oversized $30 figure. And with his arrival comes completely redesigned packaging, designed to make the boxes stand out on shelves whichever way they face.

Color coding now applies, to reveal at an easy glance which Star Wars property the figure comes from. So far Rebels is purple, Return of the Jedi green, The Empire Strikes Back blue, Clone Wars yellow, and The Mandalorian orange. Each left-side panel will feature a character drawing, but as part of a larger display within each property.

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For anyone who hasn’t collected the entire Rebels crew up until now, all of them — including Ahsoka — will see rerelease alongside Zeb. Chopper, Ezra, Kanan, Hera, and Sabine can now all be had with their comrade in one fell swoop.

Expect a lot of revived interest in these characters around the time they’re released, as Ahsoka makes a return on The Mandalorian. Rumors persist that Sabine may also show up, prompting potential curiosity from Mando fans who may not have watched the Rebels cartoons.

The new design should find more favor with those who keep figures in package for display. Even if they then secure another set to open. The color codes will also help parents tell at a glance what’s in stock. Assuming they buy toys in actual stores any more, of course.

Does the new packaging make a difference to your collecting habits? Let us know in comments.

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