More Classic Animated Spider-Man Figures and Hasbro Hints Revealed

As part of Hasbro‘s latest “Fan First Friday” this morning, the company unveiled a handful of new figures. Primarily, these comprise the upcoming Spider-Man wave, inspired by the ’90s Toy Biz figures based on the animated series at the time. Taking the old designs and upping the detail and articulation, the new figures fit in with other modern Marvel Legends.

Previous announced figures included Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy with alternate Mary Jane head, Kingpin, and Mysterio. Kicking off the new reveals? Two classic villains. Green Goblin comes with a retooled goblin glider that can fit on existing flight stands. Classic Electro, meanwhile, sports translucent parts to highlight his lightning powers.

Joining Spidey in the fight will be a ’90s style armored Daredevil. While many of these figures repurpose old body parts, Matt Murdock gets an all-new body sculpt. Plus versions of his clubs attached to wrist bracers for more beatdown variety.

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Not a Spider-Man figure, but coming on his own special card exclusive to Walgreens, classic Moon Knight finally arrives in this scale. He’ll have two different heads depending on how collectors prefer his facemask.

In addition to the new reveals, Hasbro managed to tease a few additional details. Their Eternals movie figures will be pushed back along with the movie release, but a Venom wave teased at Toy Fair remains on track. Two special items teased for Comic-Con will still find a way to fans this year. Both are X-Men related, with one being comic-based and the other movie-based. This year will also see the largest Marvel Legends prop replica to date, and the largest build-a-figure ever (including the Toy Biz ones). And before it was all over we got a quick look at a prototype leg for the Haslab exclusive Sentinel figure. The leg alone looked to be about 18 inches tall.

What Hasbro news excites you the most? Let us know in comments.

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