Four-Inch Flash Gordon 1980 Figures Coming From Boss Fight

It’s been forty years since Sam J. Jones’ Flash Gordon saved every one of us. Now, at last, it’s time to save our toy collections with the action figures we ought to have gotten back in 1980. (Yes, there were figures based on the Filmation cartoon. Not the same thing!) We’ve seen some high-end 12-inch figures revealed as of last year from Big Chief, but if those are too rich, or if playability is desired, Boss Fight Studio now has an alternative. Four-inch Flash Gordon figures are in the works. And the company’s social media revealed the very first one. Naturally, it is Flash in his “Flash” shirt. Just in case anybody mistook him for a different hero, or classic WWE star Rowdy Roddy Piper.

More are set to be revealed at Toy Fair in a couple weeks, so we can only hope for a whole line including Ming, Klytus, Barin, Dale, and everyone else. Being a smaller studio, Boss Fight is more likely to put out a couple at a time. With a smaller scale, perhaps vehicles like Flash’s signature rocket cycle could come out in future.

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Boss Fight’s first Flash looks to be super-articulated, with more joints than even a classic G.I. Joe. The resemblance to Jones seems pretty solid, down to his wristwatch. BifBangPow did a retro-style 3-3/4 inch line a few years back, but they featured ’80s style sculpts and did not have this same level of detail or poseability.

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