SDCC 2023: NECA to make Flash Gordon 1980 Movie Figures

NEC-AAAA-AAAH! They’ll save every one of us…from lesser figures, by making three from 1980’s Flash Gordon, a classic of sci-fi and camp. NECA has made several comic and cartoon-based Flash Gordon figures, and even a couple with movie costumes but comic-styled heads. It seemed for a while that they could do anything but movie figures — fortunately, they have now proved that assumption wrong. They’re not the first to try this license — Bif Bang Pow and Boss Fight previously made some — but they are the first to make Prince Vultan with authentic Brian Blessed likeness.

Oh Blessed Day

Vultan joins final battle Flash and Ming in what fans must hope is the first of many waves. Vultan includes such accessories as his remote control for the gladiator platform, a removable helmet, and the Ice Jewel of Frigia. Ming and Flash include their swords, and each figure comes with multiple heads, showcasing quite a range of looks from the authentic actor likenesses.

No word yet on whether the heads will be able to swap out with the previous Flash Gordon figures. It’d be great if they did, but NECA doesn’t do universal neck joints. If not, there are still plenty of possible movie variants for Flash and Ming, at least. It’d be nice to also see the likes of Barin, Klytus, Zarkov, and never-before-made-as-figures characters like General Kala and Princess Aura.

Vultan, Flash, and Ming arrive in January, probably at $30-ish a pop. Take a look through the official photos below to see how they look.