This Flash Gordon Figure Is Ready to Tackle Ming

He’ll save every one of us. But not everyone will be quick enough to include him into the collection. Sam J. Jones’ Flash Gordon is iconic for a certain generation. And now we can own an authentic likeness of his Flash Gordon figure. In the 1980 movie’s campiest scene, Flash uses his football skills to keep a valuable treasure from Ming. He’s not your enemy, and he only has 14 hours to save the Earth. And since his movie vocals were dubbed, adding your own dialogue to toy adventures only fits the mold.

From the figure’s original description: “New York Jets star quarterback Flash Gordon stands ready to save the Earth from the evil Emperor Ming and the forces of Mongo.

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Now available to pre-order Flash Gordon, King of the Impossible is exclusively available from BIG Chief Studios and is not available via other retail outlets.

Available as a Signature Edition each figure includes a special plaque autographed by the saviour of the universe himself, Sam J. Jones.

Also available as a standard Limited Edition and produced under licence, this official release features a fully realised likeness of Sam J. Jones in the iconic role, complete with authentically styled costume.”

Big Chief Studios stands ready to take your money. But no contribution is too big for the savior of the universe, right? Check out our gallery below for more detailed looks at Flash! Aaaah-aaaaaahhhhhh!

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