Alien Queen Bust Stands Two-and-a-Half Feet Tall to Terrify Visitors

For anyone jonesing to have guests yell out, “Get away from me, you b***h!”, Sideshow Collectibles has just the thing. Think the Alien Queen isn’t scary any more? That she feels played out? Put a two-and-half-foot tall replica of her head prominently in your home and just see how many people still freak. This is, admittedly, a “Mythos” version, which means the artists involved felt no obligation to stick strictly to the movie design. They might just have added scarier details as they saw fit.

It’s odd to think that the xenomorph queen almost wasn’t a thing. In the original cut of the first Alien movie, the individual creatures could cocoon their victims and reproduce that way. Because the key cocoon scene got cut, james Cameron was able to fill in some gaps by revealing a queen in her hive. Now we can’t imagine anything else. Though Sideshow did imagine a take more nightmarish.

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From the official description: “The Alien Queen Mythos Legendary Scale™ Bust measures a terrifying 30” tall as the monstrous matriarch rears her ridged crest above the Xenomorph hive. The creature’s imposing crown flares out with spines and detailed bio-mechanical elements, capturing H. R. Giger’s signature style in a unique way. Beneath the domed skull, the Alien Queen’s clear, pointed fangs and outer tusks are exposed in a vicious hiss. The carapace of this intensely detailed collectible is painted with cool tones, blending the classic coloration of the Xenomorph creature with nightmarish new textures.”

The gallery below has a few more great head shots. Will this bust, priced at $995, be your queen? Let us know in comments.