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Alien: Xenomorphs Invade Deep Space in Marvel Comics’ New Series

Marvel Comics’ new Alien series sees a group of humans heading off to a portion of deep space completely inhabited by a dangerous kind of Xenomorph.

Marvel announced Declan Shalvey and Andrea Broccardo are helming a new Alien series launching in November 2023. The relaunch builds off of Shalvey and Broccardo’s current series, which ends on August 16, 2023, with Alien #5.

Alien Xenomorph new series Marvel

“In deep space spins a world infected by the universe’s greatest killers,” the publisher said of the series. “Most people – sane people – would construct a barrier thicker than the hulls of ten Nostromos and leave it to rot. But where most people see a death trap, Weyland-Yutani sees the biggest payout in the history of civilization. And if it costs a few human lives to secure? Those come cheap here. Prepare for more corporate corruption, personal betrayals and extraordinary violence!”

The new Alien series begins in October’s Alien Annual #1

Alien Annual #1, which is written by Shalvey and features art by Danny Earls, marks the beginning of the new series. The double-sized issue will see one subspecies of Xenomorph battle another on a world somewhere in the darkest corner of space. Featuring cover art by Shalvey, the annual hits shelves on October 4, 2023.

“It’s such a joy to continue to build out our own little corner of Marvel Comics’ Alien universe with this new ‘Descendant’ story arc,” Shalvey said. “We’re building on what we’ve done before (with some nods to previous stories) and get to dig a bit deeper in this arc (both figuratively and literally). It’s also a real treat for me to draw a section of the story.”

Written by Shalvey, Alien #1 features art by Broccardo and Shalvey and cover art by Javi Fernández. The issue releases on November 15, 2023, from Marvel Comics.