Hot Toys Jawa and Gonk Droid Are an Awesome Team

One might expect Hot Toys will eventually make all of the iconic characters in the Star Wars universe, so that everyone can own their favorite as a premium action figure. But we didn’t necessarily expect that they’d also cover peripheral and background characters. Jawas are cool, and Power Droids that say “Gonk!” are just funny. It’s unexpected that they would get the deluxe treatment as a two-pack. But hey, who can resist a Hot Toys Jawa with actual light-up eyes? It’s an effect that can’t really work at any smaller scale.

Both figures come with sand-themed bases that fit side by side. The Jawa also includes multiple hands and accessories, including a remote control and restraining bolt device. The Gonk…well, it can move its legs. That’s pretty much all they ever do. Life as a walking battery can be pretty limited. These figures look like the characters’ appearances in A New Hope. However, we also know that Jawas and Power Droids appear in the upcoming Disney+ series The Mandalorian. So interest in these guys might be about to skyrocket like a Boba Fett jetpack.

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About the only thing they’re missing is sound chips. Jawas are as known for crying “Utinni!” just as much as Power Droids are for saying “Gonk.” But that’s where the consumer comes in. Time to hone those minor character impersonations you’ve been practicing since seeing the movie as a kid.

Do you need a Hot Toys Jawa in your life? Let us know in comments if this one has the droid you’re looking for. And check out the full gallery below!