Batman Perches on the Gotham Skyline for LEGO Comic-Con Exclusive

The cape flutters in the night breeze. The signal blazes out against the Gotham skyline on a dark night. Gargoyles provide the perfect mood. Below, the city cries out for a savior. This is a classic Batman setup, and LEGO is immortalizing it for a Comic-Con exclusive set this year.

Most Batman sets sold in stores specifically cater to play patterns for kids, with good and evil battling in bricks. Static dioramas are more geared to collectors, and grown fans who use them to decorate shelves and desktops. Which isn’t to say you can’t use this display as a possible battleground. Reenacting the intro scene of Justice League, for example, is easily doable. But it’s more likely to find its (rabid) fans at a convention like SDCC.

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Specially designed for Batman’s 80th, this exclusive captures the classic Batman pose. No matter which version of the character you prefer, chances are he’s watched the Bat-signal from a roof and fired off a grappling hook to swing into action. Even Will Arnett’s insecure, big-screen LEGO Batman can nail this moment. Because everything is awesome when the Dark Knight prepares to save the town again.

To have a chance at bringing home the Bat, however, you’ll have to stay tuned to the SDCC online portal for exclusives. That’s where fans can get their shot at being allowed to line up at LEGO’s booth to get one. Like Bruce Wayne, a person must rely on heightened senses and skills to get it just right.

How badly do you want to build this Bat-set? Let us know in comment section below.