Goose the Cat Goes Full Flerken in LEGO Captain Marvel Comic-Con Set

Higher. Further. Faster. Tentacle-ier. LEGO‘s first Comic-Con exclusive has all these traits and more. And it’s likely to drive fans crazy, because the exclusive LEGO sets are a challenge to purchase. Usually, they don’t figure absolutely essential items, but with a Monica Rambeau minifig and Goose the cat in full alien attack mode, “Captain Marvel and the Asis” is gonna be a tough get. As in prior years, you’ll have to submit your name in an online lottery during the last week of June.

But it’s worth it if you can. For $45, you get three major MCU female characters (yes, Goose is a she despite being named after Val Kilmer). The Asis jet is ready for play, but also comes with a detailed display base and stand to hold it in flying position. Additionally, you can clip Starforce Carol on to it to make it look like they’re blasting through the air side-by-side.

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Like so many Marvel movies, Captain Marvel had spoilers to worry about. As a result, the official LEGO tie-in sets often represented best-guesses, based on pre-production art, of what the big scenes would be. Once the movie comes out, toys have usually moved on to the next thing. Especially when “the next thing” is an Avengers movie wrapping up ten years of storytelling. So purely film-accurate models need to take (figuratively) unconventional routes.

We’re just going to assume that when Captain Marvel 2 comes out, every licensee will understand that Goose is the real star, and behave accordingly. Until then, trust a cat to make it hard to get your hands on them.

Are you going to try to snag the Flerken? Let us know in comments!