Pennywise Goes Black and White for a Comic-Con Exclusive Toy

Given that Pennywise the clown wore exactly the same outfit throughout the entirety of It: Chapter One, it’s remarkable just how many variant action figures got made. Most of the variants primarily focused on different facial expressions which had different monstrosity levels. But the latest Pennywise figure, available only at SDCC 2019 and in limited quantities online, thinks way outside the reality box. It’s based on the black and white engraving artwork in the Derry town charter. And this “Etched Pennywise” literally looks like a drawing brought into three dimensions.

This new version of the ancient extra-dimensional horror in circus form comes with an alternate head. It also includes two balloons (one red, one black-and-white), and a box featuring the original engraving art that inspired the paint job.

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For fans who appreciate the detailed sculpts, these are the kinds of figures that really showcase a sculptor’s skill.

On the other hand, one wonders if the makers of It: Chapter Two were under any pressure to give the clown at least one change of clothes so that future toys can look more different. Regardless, any version remains terrifying.

Etched Pennywise will run you $30 at San Diego Comic-Con this summer. Does this particular version float your boat? Let us know in comment section below!