Pennywise and All His Balloons Float Too in a New Statue

Probably the biggest challenge in making a Pennywise collectible is that damned balloon. Helium balloons themselves can’t possibly work or last at that scale. So often, the toy company will use a bendy wire, as NECA frequently does. But then if the wrist or arm articulates at all, the weight of the balloon and wire twists the joint and falls over.

So a statue can do it better. And if Pennywise himself can get pushed into a dynamic enough pose, the balloons can affix to his body and create a flotation illusion. Such is the case with Iron Studios’ new It Chapter Two statue. Here, the evil alien clown emerges from the sewer along with several of his red balloons. It’s not enough to cause accidental nuclear war like the bunch of 99 in Nena’s 1980s pop hit, but his intent to scare any onlookers appears flawless.

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Made of polystone, the killer clown comes with an extra head that showcases his creepy long tongue. (Best not to run with that out, lest he risk biting it.) Available for $179.99, he should arrive during second quarter of next year, once everyone has stopped being scared by the events of 2020.

Take a look at the gallery below for more angles on Pennywise. Then comment below with a description of your greatest fear.

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