Batman vs. TMNT ‘Bat-Mikey’ Figure to Be Comic-Con Exclusive

Hero in a half-cowl! The Dark Mike! Batman versus Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a rare crossover of licenses from different companies which rarely happens any more. It spawned three comic book miniseries and an animated movie. But merchandise rights are tough when Playmates has toy rights to the Turtles, and Mattel has Batman. But since the crossover movie was WB/DC, it’s DC Collectibles who are using comic book conventions to give us ‘Bat-Mikey’ — Michelangelo in Batman’s cowl and cape.

NECA managed to make Turtles figures that compete directly with Playmates by either selling them in outlets the originals weren’t, or by making two-packs when Playmates had no plans for them. Similarly, DCC can use the “limited run” approach here, as convention exclusives have fewer restrictions than mass-market releases. It’s not that they’re trying to make Bat-Mikey hard to get; it’s that they can’t likely do otherwise.

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Michelangelo as Batman is limited to 10,000 units and will cost $29.99. If you don’t think you can make it to San Diego, Big Bad Toy Store has a preorder up at cost. The only risk is they may not obtain as many as they expect to. At the convention, he’ll be available at the Previews booth, and will likely sell out fast, as most TMNT exclusives do.

Mikey comes with multiple hands, and a pizza-painted sewer lid, which presumably fools nobody except the most short-sighted of foes. And while Bat-blue is normally Leonardo’s color, little bits of orange bandana peek out just so nobody’s confused.

Now here’s hoping DCC might do a reverse version. Let’s see a skateboarding Batman eating pizza action figure.