Mezco Makes the Original Aquaman Cool Again With New Collector Figure

We know. Everyone thinks Aquaman is cool now because he’s Jason Momoa, multiracial tattooed badass who’s also apparently one heck of a nice guy. But it’s easy to be cool when you already look like some sort of god. Less so when you’re the classic blond original Aquaman, who wears green tights and an orange wetsuit. Yes, Momoa’s version redefined that costume to be more like armor. But Mezco has just done something harder: they made it look the original wetsuit, but cool anyway.

Sure, that guy in the picture above may not win a fashion award, but he looks like a dude who could take you out and not break a sweat doing so. He also looks more than a little bit like what might have happened in the movie had Patrick Wilson’s Ocean Master won the trident instead of Arthur. Think of the Johnny Cash song “A Boy Named Sue” – it’s easy to be tough in full black body armor that makes you look like a giant bat. But if you can look tough wearing the classic Aquaman outfit, you must have earned it. And that goes double for when you see him in his crown.

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Aquaman comes with three interchangeable heads, two of which simulate his hair flowing underwater, and multiple alternate hands. At only six inches tall, he boasts some of the most elaborate costume tailoring seen in 1/12 scale. Whether you like that color scheme or not.

Go ahead. Tell him talking to fish is silly. We dare you.

Aquaman can be preordered now at Mezco’s site for a down payment of $20 and full price of $80. With a 6-inch figure this elaborate in your collection, you won’t have to fish for compliments.

“Water” you waiting for? Let us know what you think of the old-school Arthur in comments below!